Join the Effort to Fix Politics!

We the Young People Declare:

The American political system is not living up to its highest ideals. Our government is gridlocked and our citizens are divided across party and cultural lines. Countless issues have arisen in the past decades that Generation Z and Millennials will be left to contend with. Yet polarization prevents politicians and private actors from acting, and the vast majority of Americans have been turned off by how polarized politics has become. 

But it does not have to be this way. As the most diverse generations in American history, Gen Z and Millennials understand the intersections of identity and politics, and the need to find commonalities amid our differences. Millennial and Gen Z leaders are coming together to reclaim some of our nation’s most polarizing issues as generational issues and create constructive political engagement to address them. The escalation of polarization threatens the prosperity of our generations, and those to come. 

We the Young People must lead a bipartisan coalition to ensure that inclusive, bipartisan solutions are prioritized and effective. 

We envision a future that works for every American and leaves no one behind, no matter their race, gender, economic status, or geographic location. This vision for our future will help to mend our social fabric and build a culture that is tolerant, empathetic, and grounded in the highest ideals of our constitution. 

Together, we will work to find common ground on our nation’s most pressing issues and will uphold democratic values. The process of collaboration, compromise, and solution-making is necessary to protect American ideals that aspire towards progress, liberty, and opportunity. We the Young People are working together to promote a prosperous future for ourselves and the generations to come. 

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