BridgeUSA chapters depend on relationships with their school and school’s admin to be successful. As faculty, you have the opportunity to develop students into constructive thinkers, problem-solvers and better leaders for tomorrow. 

There are many ways admin can get involved in our work!

What is an advisor?

Your role as a faculty advisor to a BridgeUSA chapter is up to you! You will have the opportunity to mentor students in their work, experience BridgeUSA discussions first hand, and meet prominent speakers the chapter brings to campus. Some chapter advisors are at every meeting, while others just sign off on the organization with the school. We’re grateful for whatever level of involvement is right for you.

Role of a BridgeUSA advisor...

  • Assist BridgeUSA students in their development of the chapter on campus
  • Help forge relationships between students and the school
  • Advocate for the BridgeUSA mission to be advanced throughout your school

Nominate a Student

Do you know a student who would make a great BridgeUSA leader? Fill out our form to set up an interest call!

Bring us to campus!

Looking for a different way to get involved? Host a workshop or discussion on your campus!


  • Work with our National team to host a discussion with students or develop leadership and moderation skills in the classroom.

Invite us to speak

  • Host a speaking event on the impact of polarization in today’s politics, and what young people can do about it.

Host an event

  • Partner with us on a campus-wide event. This can include a panel, discussion or speaker session on a topic of your choice.

“One of the most needed skills in today’s workplace is the ability to speak constructively with people with whom you disagree. BridgeUSA offers college students a great way to develop and practice this essential skill. I’m excited to be involved with such an important cause.

– Ranjit Souri, University of Chicago – Illinois