In recent years, college campuses have become more polarized, and students find themselves often self-censoring in class or in conversations with their peers. BridgeUSA hopes to challenge that and bring to light different perspectives, experiences and beliefs that students have, so that we may better understand each other and be better able to tackle the problems of today and tomorrow.

What is a chapter?

BridgeUSA chapters are student led clubs on campus that welcome students into constructive discussion. Discussions are not meant to change one’s mind, but encourage participants to seek an understanding of different perspectives.

What do chapters do?

  • Host discussions and events on campus pressing political, social and cultural issues
  • Invite students to engage in respectful discussions
  • Work with other student organizations on campus to promote constructive dialogue

Benefits of being a chapter leader?

  • Gain resume skills for the workplace after college
  • Access to exclusive internships
  • Networking with over 500+ like-minded students
  • Connect with notable speakers and influencers in the bridging space
  • Attend our annual student summit

Event Highlights

BridgeUSA at Jacksonville University hosts Jacksonville Mayor Donna Deegan.
BridgeUSA at George Washington University and Common Ground Committee host a discussion on guns with Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) and former Representative Will Hurd (R-TX).
BridgeUSA students at Saint Mary's College discuss the Israel-Gaza war.
BridgeUSA at Georgia State University worked with their school's Turning Point and Democrat clubs to host a discussion.
BridgeUSA at San Jose State host a Jubilee spectrum event.
BridgeUSA Northwestern students at their NUnited event.
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“The Bridge community is like no other, it is made up of diverse individuals with varying beliefs, religions, races, sexualities, and nationalities all with the common purpose of coming together to hash out the most divisive topics that society is faced with.”

– Jack, BridgeUSA at Pittsburgh University