Meet the Team

National Team

Manu Meel
Chief Executive Officer
Ross Irwin
Chief Development Officer
Jessica Carpenter
Chief Marketing Officer
Emily Green
Chief Youth Development Officer
Andrew Weinzierl
National Data Analytics Director
Hailie Addison
Director of National Programs

Finance & Operations

Chandler Skinner
Finance and Operations Manager

College Chapter Development Team

Asma Rasheed
Chapter Development Manager
Isaiah Rodriguez
Chapter Growth and Development Consultant
Sabrina Nabizada
Chapter Growth and Development Consultant
Samantha Dalton
Chapter Growth and Development Consultant

High School Chapter Development Team

Braden Chapman
High School Engagement Manager
Jacoby Sypher
Chapter Development Consultant
Ruthu Josyula
Chapter Development Consultant

Social Media Team

Adam Calder
National Marketing Manager

Trainings & Curriculum

Jack Ruotolo
Learning and Development Manager

Board of Directors

Bill Shireman
In This Together
Bill Shireman is the founder of Future 500 and In This Together. He brings together people from all sides of the political spectrum including capitalists, activists, conservatives, and progressives, among others.
Patrick McGinnis
Venture Capitalist
Patrick McGinnis is an American venture capitalist and author. He is best known for coining the term "fear of missing out."
Benji Backer
American Conservation Coalition
Benji is the Founder of the American Conservation Coalition, the nation’s largest market-based environmental organization.
Kyle Emile
Free Intelligent Conversation
Kyle is the founder of Free Intelligent Conversation (FreeIC) a nonprofit organization focused on facilitating engaging conversations in public spaces.
Jeff Clements
American Promise
Jeff Clements is president of American Promise, which unites Americans to ratify the next amendment to the US Constitution to to empower voters and combat corruption with better rules for money in elections.
Sarah Adolphson
The Artemis Agency
Sarah is an expert in entertainment strategy and engagement with extensive philanthropic experience working with many of the world’s leading global celebrities. Sarah has collaborated with foundations, corporations, NGOs and The White House across many issue areas.

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