How It Works

BridgeUSA Mindset

The goal of BridgeUSA is not to change minds or create centrists, but encourage students to engage differing beliefs, experiences and perspectives. What unites us is not agreement on policies, but a shared mindset.

The BridgeUSA Mindset champions understanding, empathy, open-mindedness and a willingness to engage those who are different from us.

"It's not about what you believe,
but how you express what
you believe."

BridgeUSA strongly believes in our ability to hold strong beliefs while being able to express them in a constructive manner.

The BridgeUSA Temperament scale was created by our CEO Manu Meel to measure how willing someone is to engage across lines of difference and build bridges in their community.

An individual can be anywhere along the ideological spectrum (x-axis), but whether they are willing to engage with other ideas and individuals (y-axis) is the test of our work as an organization.

Norms of Discussion

Every discussion is run by moderators and these norms of discussion to ensure a productive dialogue.

1. Listen to listen, not to respond

2. Don't interrupt or have side conversations

3. Address the statement, not the person

4. Participants represent only themselves and not the groups they belong to

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