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Hear from our Steering Committee!

The Counterweight

A Vision for Better Politics

The American political system is not living up to its highest ideals. Our government is gridlocked, and our citizenry is divided across party and cultural lines. Countless issues have arisen in the past decades that threaten the prosperity of Generation Z and Millennials. Yet polarization prevents politicians and private actors from acting, and the vast majority of Americans have been turned off by how toxic politics has grown…

The Power We Hold Outside of Voting

I cannot tell you how many captions I’ve had to come up with detailing the importance of making your voice heard. 
“Vote because it is essential.” “Vote because you can make a difference.” “Vote because it is your civic duty as an American.” 

Outside of this single worded call to action, I found questions that carried far more weight. 
Such as, will my vote matter? Will my friends still speak to me if we do not vote the same?…

Issue Brief – Environment

Climate change is happening— 97% of climate scientists across the globe and America’s young people across the aisle agree. We are responsible for the safety and security of our future, and we have to act with urgency to address a problem that can affect every aspect of society. But our political system has not addressed the threat of climate change.

Issue Brief – Democracy

Democracy’s weakening has exacerbated our country’s inability to contend with any problem. High levels of political polarization and a lack of common purpose is weakening our civic culture. But our political system has not addressed our democracy’s problems.

Issue Brief – Economy

Economic mobility is diminishing. Millennials and Gen Z are projected to be the first generations to be worse off than our parents. Our economic futures are not as bright as the American Dream has promised for centuries. But our political system has not addressed the lack of economic mobility.

Where Do We Go from Here?

With entire sectors of the economy dissipating and our daily lives brought to a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic, young adults are struggling, even more so, to find a job or pursue/maintain their education. As a result, many young people are finding employment in under-paid or high-risk frontline positions.

Climate Change is Here

“Climate change is here. From the wildfires in California to the Hurricanes in the Gulf, hundreds of communities in America are already being displaced by the effects of our changing climate.”

The Existential Crisis Facing our Democracy

Maria Yuan, Founder of IssueVoter, is taking part in the Generation Roundtable’s Steering Committee because “we believe in giving everyone a voice in our democracy, and this includes Millennials and Gen-Z.”