Press Release: Jan. 6, 2021

Statement on the Anti-Democratic Events of Jan. 6th

As a country, we cannot continue descent into hyper-partisan politics.

Jan. 7, 2021

San Francisco, CA — BridgeUSA unequivocally condemns the violence and attempts to overturn the voice of the American people which occurred in the U.S. Capitol. The armed occupation of the People’s House, incited by the words of political leaders, was entirely unprecedented in modern America. For the first time since 1860, America is not witnessing a peaceful transfer of power. 

However, we must acknowledge that the day’s events were on track with where our polarized country has been headed for years. Our citizenry and our politicians have been descending into two markedly different tribes, with two divergent realities. As a result, we have lost our shared identity and values as Americans. 

What transpired on January 6th, 2021 will undoubtedly live in infamy, both for the events which unfolded, but also for the response that we choose as a country. This can either be the start of a new dire reality of politics, composed of greater inter-party violence and demagogue leaders, or it can be the new beginning of a more empathetic and cooperative America. The easy decision would be to not change our course and descend deeper into hyper-polarization. But January 6th has proven that further division of our country is unsustainable.

Though it will be tough to overcome the institutional and social barriers inhibiting our country from regaining our common identity as Americans, it is this course that we must choose. Our civic fabric has frayed so thin, that we must relearn the importance of a basic unit of our democracy: conversation. Politicians and everyday citizens alike must take it upon themselves to find empathy for those with whom they disagree, and to refrain from using incendiary rhetoric meant to divide us. 

We as a country cannot stand when the only thing uniting us is our hostility towards one other. 


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