Chapter Spotlight: BridgeKU

One of our brand new chapter’s, BridgeKU, was recognized in local media for their mission to stimulate ideologically diverse conversations on campus. BridgeKU is committed to facilitating discussions as a means to span political divides and restore confidence in democracy. On BridgeKU’s website, the chapter lays out the importance of cross-cutting dialogue to democracy:

Aneka Zarger, BridgeKU’s VP of Finance and Operations, hopes that the chapter’s midwestern location will help enable it “to become a center of communications between the East and West Coast.” A theme of uniting disparate parts together was echoed by the chapter’s president, Jakob Moberly, who noted that it is his “dream and goal to connect students from different schools of thought together to understand how this country, and this world for that matter, can come together and make real progress.”

Watch the coverage here! link

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