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Why Discussing Guns and Roe v Wade is Difficult, Even for BridgeUSA Students

Jessica Carpenter It’s no secret that guns and abortion are two of — if not the — most contentious topics…


Entertainment: The Next Frontier for Political Tribalism

Manu Meel American culture has never been completely separate from our politics. From the social media trends we follow to…


Finding Our “Good Tribes”

Rehm Maham “Who are your people? “I don’t have people, I’m alone.” “Umm…Solo.” These three lines from the underrated film…


Memorial Day: Answering Our Call to Civic Duty

Manu Meel Every Memorial Day, we rightfully remember and reflect upon the millions of brave Americans who made the ultimate…


Press Release: April 25, 2022

TAP is Merging With BridgeUSA Expanding on its initiative to bring high school students into the political discussion. April 25,…


Review: The BridgeUSA Road-Trip

Jessica Carpenter BridgeUSA launched its “Let’s F*cking Talk” campaign in February 2022. The goal of the campaign is to encourage…