Our Mission

BridgeUSA believes that good governance starts with constructive political discussion. Our organization works with America’s future leaders on college campuses to foster spaces wherein a diverse range of ideas can engage one another through the practice of responsible discourse.

1. Commitment to ideological diversity
2. Promoting constructive and responsible discourse
3. Support a solution-oriented political culture

Our Mindset


America’s leaders of tomorrow are on America’s college campus today. If we wish to create a better political climate in the future, we need to start by reforming political culture on college campuses now. We must ensure that our students are committed to ideological diversity and constructive discourse.

Our chapter members will be at the forefront of this movement to fix national governance, by starting in the spaces where they learn, live, and grow into tomorrow’s leaders.

Why college?



In the News

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"Many club members have become devoted to BridgeND in part because it lets them do what they feel they can’t in classrooms or in social conversations on campus: have an exchange of ideas without getting ridiculed or shouted down. In fact, students often avoid discussions altogether that could become contentious. The academic culture is very achievement oriented, and many students see college as an expensive and direct line to a job and financial stability – with little room left for political or philosophical debate."

The CS Monitor Cover Story

"When political transformations happen, students almost always lead the way. The student founders and leaders of BridgeUSA are leading a positive political transformation  in America.  They see that our nation is being consumed by political hate – hate manufactured by political and media interest groups to keep the people divided.  BridgeUSA’s campus leaders have the energy, dedication, and skill to end this cycle of hate and help us reclaim our democracy."

- Bill Shireman, Future 500 CEO

"As partisan divides continue to rock Congress – and add to a contentious and bitter presidential race – more and more students have said “enough.” But at least two student groups, one at the University of Colorado-Boulder the other at Notre Dame University are trying to bridge the divide through an emerging field of political thought called transpartisanship."



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