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BridgeUSA is investing in the future of democracy because we believe in the power of supporting the next generation. We are building a multi-partisan movement of young people that value empathy and constructive engagement to create a political future that works for all Americans. We are dedicated to helping passionate young people from across the political spectrum channel their activism towards turning our democracy into an engine of progress. 

To build a national student movement, we need your support.

If you desire real, inclusive progress, we need your support.

If you are dedicated to ideological diversity and having your voice heard and listened to by those with whom you disagree, we need your support.

If you believe in investing in the next generation, we need your support.

By signing this petition, you are voicing the need for a political culture dedicated to progress and real solutions. You are elevating BridgeUSA’s mission to create better, constructive political discussion. You are committed to real political change, not symbolic victories.

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