“Let’s F*cking Talk to Each Other”

It’s time to change how we engage each other.

Polarization is ruining our country’s ability to solve problems. Our leaders no longer want to work across the aisle to address our country’s issues. 72% of Americans believe that we’re headed down the wrong path, but no one is sitting down to talk about it. It’s time for us to choose what kind of politics we want to live in.

Our “Let’s F*cking Talk to Each Other” campaign is a three-part series that explores different facets of polarization and how we can learn to talk to each other again. Throughout 2022, we’ll look at how polarization has divided us, ask “Why We Can’t Talk to Each Other” and find out “How We Can Talk to Each Other”.

As young people, we will inherit today’s problems tomorrow. We’re tired of watching our leaders play to the extremes and fail to come up with solutions. Having discussions again is more important than ever. We can’t continue to let our differences divide us. We must learn how to communicate across our differences, and demand the same from our leaders. Let’s just f*cking talk to each other.

The BridgeUSA Road Trip: Why Can’t We Talk to Each Other?

The first step to having conversations again is finding out what’s preventing us from talking to each other. To learn more about this, we will be driving across the country to visit 10 different college campuses, and ask one question: Why Can’t We Talk to Each Other?

60% of college students avoid talking about issues like politics, race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender. It’s time to understand why and address some of the factors hindering conversation across lines of difference. Maybe we’re not as divided as we think we are. Maybe polarization is largely driven by misconceptions about each other, and has led our country into a Great Misunderstanding.

Keep up with us over the next three weeks as we explore heated topics and address misconceptions that many young people may have about those across the aisle.

Why Should We Talk To Each Other?

We’re not as different as our leaders and the media would have us think! Take a look at some things we may actually be able to find some common ground on.

We can’t do it on our own! Join us as we encourage conversations in our communities again. Let’s rebuild our democracy.

Take your seat at the table today!

Check out our upcoming initiatives and how you can get involved below!

Join the Conversation! (Feb. 13 – Feb. 19)

We’re counting down a week of conversation beginning Sunday, Feb. 13! Check out each day and see how you can help improve our political discourse.

Sunday Beyond Your Bubble: Read an op-ed from a different perspective.

Monday – Engage: Ask a stranger about their day!

Tuesday – Take Action: Grab coffee or lunch with a friend who is different from you in worldview, race, culture, etc.

Wednesday – Beyond Your Bubble: Follow 3 people on social media with a different perspective, opinion, or ideology than you.

Thursday – Engage: Join our online discussion!

Friday – Take Action: Have a discussion about a current event with a friend, family member, coworker, classmate, etc.

Saturday – Take Action: Let us know why you want people to f*cking talk to each other again.

Share your week of conversation with us! Tag us on Twitter or Instagram with your highlights. #BridgeConvos

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