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Climate change is happening— 97% of climate scientists across the globe and America’s young people across the aisle agree. The cleanliness of our air and our water, and the way we live our lives is at stake. We are responsible for the safety and security of our future, and we have to act with urgency to address a problem that can affect every aspect of society. But our political system has not addressed the threat of climate change.


Democracy’s weakening has exacerbated our country’s inability to contend with any problem. A functioning democracy requires both responsive institutions and an active citizenry. High levels of political polarization and a lack of common purpose is weakening our civic culture. But our political system has not addressed our democracy’s problems.


Economic mobility is diminishing. Millennials and Gen Z are projected to be the first generations to be worse off than our parents. Youth in minority communities, rural communities and countless other communities struggle to make ends meet. Our economic futures are not as bright as the American Dream has promised for centuries. But our political system has not addressed the lack of economic mobility.