Who is a member of BridgeUSA?

We welcome students from anywhere along the political spectrum who are willing to constructively engage. The BridgeUSA community consists of strong liberals, conservatives, progressives, democrats, republicans, and independents from over 25 states.

Are you trying to create centrists?

No. We don’t believe having strong beliefs is the problem; we believe the problem is how we express those beliefs. In fact, we believe disagreement provides the fuel for democracy to move forward.

You can’t find compromise with Republicans/Democrats.

BridgeUSA’s goal is not compromise. Our goal is to foster understanding between people holding different perspectives so that we may rediscover each other’s humanity, learn to better understand one another and find solutions.

How do discussions lead to change?

Our role is to create the conditions for long-lasting sustainable progress to occur. Today’s polarization prevents constructive disagreement and is leading us to a political arms race where no one wins. The political and social incentives to solve problems do not exist. We are building a movement of young people who are focused on solving problems and putting the country above party. 

Why should a strong progressive join BridgeUSA?

Bridge-building and crafting coalitions that span ideological, racial, and gender divides has been the backbone of every major social movement from Gandhi to MLK Jr. to Mandela. To craft sustainable, long-term solutions that reflect every person in America, we need to understand where we all come from.

Why should a strong conservative join BridgeUSA?

BridgeUSA believes in free and constructive expression. We believe in ideological diversity. And we believe that people need strong communities where they can feel belonging. Every voice matters if we are to build a future that reflects innovation, strength and long-lasting change that is not subject to the whims of the next presidential administration. 

“Bridging” is elitist.

BridgeUSA is building a movement that challenges and disrupts the power balance in society because those in power have the most to gain from division, tribalism, and societal dysfunction.

Have a question? Contact us at contact@bridgeusa.org