BridgeUSA Road Trip

Why Can’t We Talk to Each Other?

The first step to having conversations again is finding out what’s preventing us from talking to each other. We will be driving across the country to visit 10 different college campuses, and ask one question: Why Can’t We Talk to Each Other?

Overall, 60% of college students avoid talking about issues like politics, race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender. While fundamental differences may impact our perspectives on certain issues, more topics are being left out of the discussion due to self-censorship, fear of disagreement, or because we just don’t know where to start.

During the road-trip, we are going to see if it’s possible to discuss issues like race, social media, democracy and healthcare across lines of difference. And propose that, maybe we’re not as divided as we think we are. Maybe polarization has just led our country into a Great Misunderstanding.

Follow along as we uncover misconceptions that students may have about each other and see if we can talk about some points of contention in our politics.

Take a Look At Where We’re Headed!

St. Thomas University (MN): Should Critical Race Theory Be Taught in Schools? 3/16

Notre Dame University (IN): Should Abortion Be Legal in the U.S.? 3/18

Indiana University, Bloomington (IN): Should Universities Take Race Into Account for Admissions? 3/21

Capital University (OH): Should the COVID-19 Vaccine Be Mandated? 3/22

Ohio University (OH): Should Recreational Marijuana Be Legal in the U.S.? 3/23

University of Pittsburg (PA): Should the U.S. Have Universal Healthcare? 3/24

SUNY Cortland (NY): Is Social Media a Threat to Democracy? 3/25

Thomas Jefferson University (PA): Is the Government Fulfilling its Role in America? 3/29

George Mason University & George Washington University (D.C.): Should Masks Be Required in the Classroom? 3/31

We will be stopping by each of these chapters to discuss hot issues like Critical Race Theory, government, healthcare and education. Discussions will be held in-person and in parliamentary debate style to allow room for discussion and ideas to be shared. Interested in joining a discussion? Click on the schools above for more information!

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