Bridge Institute

Extending our impact beyond the college campus.

The Bridge Institute provides student leaders with opportunities to turn instances of civic engagement and dialogue into lasting and tangible impact.

Feature 1

Each semester, five students can apply to gain access to Institute programming without the requirement of working in an internship or on a research project.

Since internships and research may not be a possibility for all students’ schedules, the opportunity to learn through the Institute is not limited to just those who can work

Scholars can strengthen their professional skills and grow their network through the Institute, then cement their skills and knowledge in a capstone project!

Feature 2
Research Fellow

 The Bridge Institute provides support and modest funds for passionate students to act on their ideas for depolarizing democracy through research and other unique projects.

Research Fellows gain access to a network of research advisors well versed in political polarization and can receive reimbursements for research expenses.

When we started BridgeUSA, our main constraint was finding funding for our work. We do not want finances to be the limiting factor for our generation!

Feature 3
Institute Fellow

Fellows work to impact issues they care about through internships with influential organizations & government offices.

Institute Fellows gain access to mentorship to guide them in securing their position and join the Institute programming for the duration of their internship.

Through the Institute, students can even secure full time employment with the organizations they interned with!

Institute Partners – Spring 2021

Is your organization seeking passionate young leaders? Contact us to be considered a partner for the Institute. 

Institute Programming

All members of the Bridge Institute will receive access to the following:

  • Brand Ambassadors Program. We want to get young people energized about improving our democracy. This will involve sending students to conferences and creating partnerships with student organizations in important issue areas (climate, free speech, criminal justice, etc.)
  • Exclusive Events: Unique career-focused panels, personal development seminars, one-on-one mentorship, networking opportunities, and more! Past events have featured congressional chiefs of staff and policy organization leaders.
  • Cohort: Our Fellows will have the opportunity to seek advice, grow, and develop lasting relationships with other passionate student leaders from across the country.
  • Alumni Network: Once students graduate, we want them to continue developing their civic identities and stay engaged in the movement. Our Institute members can leverage this network to learn from accomplished young leaders and amplify their personal impact.