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TAP: A 5-Year Check In

Taha Vahanvaty (Originally published on April 21, 2021) Disclaimer:...

April 25, 2022Jessica CarpenterJessica Carpenter

Review: The BridgeUSA Road-Trip

Jessica Carpenter BridgeUSA launched its “Let’s F*cking Talk” campaign...

April 21, 2022Jessica CarpenterJessica Carpenter

Why We’ve Stopped Caring and How We Can Start Again

Taher MV (Originally published on Mar 25, 2021) Disclaimer:...

April 20, 2022Jessica CarpenterJessica Carpenter

Bridge-Building Practices That Can Actually Help In Your Relationships

Jessica Carpenter It’s Valentine’s Day weekend and I’m ready...

February 11, 2022Jessica CarpenterJessica Carpenter

What We Can Learn About Leadership and Addressing Dissent Today From MLK Jr.

Jessica Carpenter In 2022, we are living through one...

January 17, 2022Jessica CarpenterJessica Carpenter

A Reflection of American Democracy

By Manu Meel There is a deep tension between...

January 11, 2022Jessica CarpenterJessica Carpenter

Understanding Different Perspectives of Some American Holidays

By Left Middle Right In recent years, the conversation...

November 25, 2021Jessica CarpenterJessica Carpenter

Why We Should Also Pay Attention to Media Outlets We Disagree With

By BridgeUSA If you’ve been keeping up with the...

November 24, 2021Jessica CarpenterJessica Carpenter

The State of Polarization in the United States

By Left-Middle-Right Over the past decade, it has been...

November 11, 2021Jessica CarpenterJessica Carpenter