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About Us

BridgeUSA at Berkeley is a part of a national student movement to strengthen our democracy. We believe that the current atmosphere of political conversation is actively divisive and toxic. We are committed to changing the nature of political dialogue on and off campus.

UC Berkeley has long been known as a politically active campus, since the start of the Free Speech Movement in 1964. We believe it is our duty and honor to continue this legacy by creating spaces to hear from every individual, be able to find common ground, and actively empathize with one another in order to create sustainable solutions.

As a chapter of BridgeUSA, we are committed to fostering a different type of civic dialogue at the college level. We seek to encourage cross-partisanship, effective and civil communication, and meaningful conversation about our country’s greatest political and social issues.

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Our Team

Sarah Ampalloor
Edward Millet
Vice President
Kyle Taylor
Director of External Affairs
Grace Boeger
Director of Marketing
Elliot Shadgoo
Director of Finance
Claire Rider
Project Coordinator
Noor Hanafi
Project Coordinator
Rory Flanders
Project Coordinator