About Us

Our Story

BridgeUSA is a student-led organization created in 2016 by young people for young people. Deeply concerned about polarization and division on our college campuses, we decided that enough was enough. It was time to build a movement that champions dialogue, ideological diversity, and a solution-oriented politics. Since our start at Notre Dame, CU-Boulder, and UC Berkeley, we have expanded to over 40 college campuses around the nation and recently launched high school chapters.

Our Mission

Polarization is tearing us apart.

Through college and high school chapters, BridgeUSA is leading the fight against polarization and apathy amongst students across the country. We don’t advocate for compromise. We advocate for dialogue between different perspectives to build better understanding between Americans. 

Our purpose is to develop a generation of leaders who value empathy and constructive dialogue because our generation will bear the consequences of polarization for years to come. 

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Our Strengths

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We Value Young People

We train tomorrow’s leaders today and recognize that democracy needs constant work because polarization will not “just go away” with time.

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Partisanship is Our Opportunity, Not Our Problem

Partisanship isn’t the problem, how partisans engage is. BridgeUSA utilizes ideological differences as a positive force to encourage the sharing of partisan opinions constructively.

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We are Proactive, Not Reactive

Polarization is inferring with how we engage with each other. We need to talk to each other in order for democracy to work.

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We Have an International Footprint

We launched BridgeEurope & BridgeAfrica to build a global movement because the threats to democracy are not just an American problem; they are a global problem.